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Below is our list of basic services. All the services below can be deployed as emergencies or non emergencies. See deployment procedures for more details.

Diamond Propeller Polishing

Quality of performed job is justified with a written report, which includes still pictures and video footage. The client, from the surface with a close circuit TV unit, can monitor progress of polishing. Propeller polishing operations require at least 2 feet of visibility for technical and safety reasons. The whole operation takes approximately 4 hours for an average sized propeller. It requires the use of the ship’s water/fire line for propulsion. It can be done with a two-diver ERDT team. The job can be performed whilst alongside, at anchorage or adrift.

Welding and Cutting

Temporary Repair procedures consist of a suitable plate wet welded in place over the damaged area. Permanent Repair procedures will utilizes wet welding techniques to place a cofferdam. The ERDT team will then perform a permanent repair within this space utilizing dry welding techniques to place a welded insert.

Visual Inspections

Photographic and visual surveys are cost-effective options for ship owners and management companies when CCTV is not required. Our team uses Nikonos and Sony digital underwater cameras and systems to give the highest quality photos available.

For underwater video inspection Phoenix Marine team utilizes CCTV system with high resolution Outland Technology colour cameras and equipped with 500-feet length cables. The mobility of our CCTV system allows for fast and competitively priced response.

Ballast tanks service & cleaning

Our Ballast tanks service and cleaning can be undertaken whilst the vessel is under way with full ballast tanks. The ERDT dive team would stay on board between port A to B and cost effectively remove scale, mud and rust. It will reduce unnecessary constants and increase loading capacity. Can be conducted in conjunction with other work (e.g. close up survey, anode installation, underwater welding, valves repair or replacement, etc).

Hull cleaning

All of our Hull Cleaning projects use the unique water-driven Hull cleaning unit. Not only is our Hull Cleaner compact, at a weight of only 80lbs as compared to conventional units of over 500lbs, it is also environmentally friendly as water is used to propel the unit. The propulsion circuit consists of the Hull Cleaner and a standard ship’s fire hose, this allows quick deployment to any location. Fast, effective and there is absolutely no hazard from lubricant spillage. The Hull Cleaner unit has proven itself in numerous occasions and locations around the world as an extremely effective unit in the company’s arsenal.

As each deployment procedure differs and depends on location and the type of work to be conducted, please contact any of our headquarters to find out more.

Please contact us for detailed costs.

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